I heard once that you attract the people into your life that are like you. But I don't know if this is true. Sure, I know we all have a streak of selfishness in us, and I am one of those people with the disease just like everyone out there. But I feel like there are different levels of selfish – minor to extreme – and I feel like on the scale of things I am minor considering how much I give and give and give to people that walk all over me.

So anyway, the reason for this post, is I have to vent about yet another event / feeling for the day. I currently am hosting an intern with me from my job. She gets rides with me to work on the days that I can take her. So I told her I can't take her tomorrow because it's just a picnic day and I will be looking for a new job. She sighed, rolled her eyes, and picked up the phone without saying another word to call someone for a ride, talking all annoyed on the phone while I was standing there. RUDE!! Ok, if it was me, I would've been like "oh I'm so sorry, you still haven't found one yet?" and MORE than that, I would've long ago offered to help cover the expense of gas (well, she did once, but I didn't accept…and maybe I should've, but I was trying to be nice and really, she shouldn't have taken no for an answer when you think about it), and I would've been going out of my way to find another way to work than with me at all so it'd be one less thing for the person DOING ME A FAVOR but now currently only has ONE WEEK to find a new job, less stress. You'd think right? Especially from another Christian.

And what I don't get, it she's the one who's been here for only a couple weeks and has all the friends, she goes out at least twice a week and every weekend all weekend. How come the mean people have all the friends? I don't get that. Maybe I need to be mean and selfish to make friends too. WEIRD is all I have to say.


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