Today'a A New Day. Good Morning Everyone. I'd like to have more friends to talk to on here so don't be afraid to request me because I'm a bit shy. I'm going to try to write a lot on the weekends because I'm a full-time student and work 2 days so during the week I'm pretty busy.

My blog yesterday ended with all my diagnosis' over the past ten years. I left out social anxiety which is kind of in the same realm as social phobia. Some psychologists changed my treatment plan and meds over the years, and now I'm just being treated for major depression. Although, I know my biggest issue besides my bouts of sadness is my GAD. I don't even know if my meds work anymore, I've been on the same ones for so long I forget what it's like being off them honestly.

Anyways, enough with my background. I don't want to bore anyone! My purpose in writing these blogs are to vent whats on my mind and share my personal stories, hopes, hardships and knowledge. I hope we can all learn from each other and help one another through life's ups and downs. One thing that bothers me is the way "we" are sterotyped as being crazy or nuts. Even the people who are the closest to me, have in moments of anger, called me a wacko or nutjob. And I know they are referring to my depression. How dare anyone judge anyone else. Who gives someone the right to degrade another? I mean one out of every three people have a mental health disorder (i think thats the stats). Assuming that someone who is depressed or has anxiety is "mentally unstable" is in itself crazy because I myself have found that a lot of the "depressed" people I have meet seem to be the critical thinkers, the analizers, the creative and the extraordinary. So don't label others. And don't allow others to put a label on you. Just Be Who you want to be, who you wish to be, who you long to be….because real people will love you for who you are. ~Lonnie~


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