i want to know if anyone can identify with this..ok sice i was young i had obsessive thinking..meaning i cant let something go…if i get in a argument it will stay in me head for a long time etcc..well i have gottn a little better at this but its always their and comes on really strong…here it is.okk i went into the pizza place to get  well do i have to say what i got..anyway as hetoook it out of the oven this guy made some kind of wird noise with his throat .i paid for the pizza first when i got there and i walked out without it…isaying this is my whole life not just now..then i went with my sister to eat at a resturant the waiter came out and smiled and his teeth were all yellow.i got up and left..i cant go in many resturants where i live cause i walked out of all them.. when i walk in somewhere to eat and i see somone come out of the bathroom that works their forget it !!!and this lingers in my head for days..i dont really eat with anyone..except girlfriends i mean if im gonna sleep with the what the hell..and i even may use their toothbrush at times go figure..iii dont let my mother touch my food and she is like "i gave birth to you and cant touch your food!i can laugh at myself alot but it can be overwhelming…one other thing that happend a a deli dpown the street.i went in their orderd some food and  the waither took the order,it turns out he wasnt the waiter! this guy comes out with my food and he had a combover like when you loose your hair .if i had that id shave my head..anyway he had like 3 greasy strands of hair across his head i was like i  lost my wallet in the car and left.this is just a minor examplle oof things,.one last thing after i saw the combover guy i orderd sushi and had some miso soup..as i opend the soup i saw the combover guy!! i got angry i threw the food against the wall!! ok im done

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  1. ROBERT187 11 years ago

    thank u for the reassurance some people tell me thats insane well mabey they are………

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