Because of my OCD/Anxieties and perceived the loss of control that they project upon my life, it is not unusual for me to want to control or at least monitor the things in my life that I can.  I have been told that such behavior is "textbook" for someone with "my condition" and actually a part of the OCD.  Examples of these controls, might be knowing that the door is locked or the windows are closed when I am relaxing in my home.  Another would be keeping a log of things amount of particular food items purchased and stocked in the house. (I could list numerous other examples)


All is normal, right?  The one earlier fact that I failed to mention is that I monitor these things to an unhealthy extreme, which is hard to reconcile when you do not live alone. 


Someone leaves the window slightly open, when they wen to turn the  AC on. I should to say "Jane" must have forgotten to close the window, even though she doesn’t remember.  Instead, it turns into, "’Jane’ how could you not remember whether or not you left the window open!?!" My OCD then creates some paranoid conspiracy theory.  I deal with it, but now I have a new controlling behavior.  I must now check the windows every so often to insure they are still closed and I insist that "Jane" remember in the future when she touches the windows.

I have done two things now.  Created a new OCD ritual and alienated my housemate.  And although the "window story" was a hypothetical I just made up, I do similar things all the time.


Do others of you have behaviors that rely upon other people that you live with and create stress within the house? (not to mention it’s embarrassing) How do you deal with it? I can’t afford to live on my own, nor do I think that would be the healthy thing to do.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 14 years ago

    I know it’s tough.  Since you keep track of stuff anyway, why not keep a log of your over reactions, maybe they"ll(the log) slow you down enough for you to make a decision about how intense your response will be to the oversight.  I think you realize after the fact, now the trick is to monitor beofe it happens.

    Just a suggestion  It may work or not, but nothing is lost in he effort.

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  2. Headheight 14 years ago

     Ha. This is a funny one for me. 2 days ago, I was in the middle of checking under my car for squashed pedestrians, and when I stood up again to dust myself off, I saw that my flatmate was looking curiously at me from the top of my driveway. He said "did you hit a dog or something?"…haha. I told him I was checking the progress on an oil leak…good recovery right? Wrong…I then had to walk up the street and check my street for pedestrians I may have previously run over, and he drove past me on his way to work, stopped and said "Our apartment’s that way…"…so I had to say something about going for a walk up the road to buy something…ahhhh!!!


    He’s got no idea I suffer from OCD. I often go around switching things off at the powerpoint before I go off, but he’s never commented, and I’ve noticed he sometimes does the same, making me think he’s a little paranoid as well…


    But no, there has been no tension between us as flatmates; but there has been alot of tension within myself about it….ahh there he goes playing the guitar and singing along like he does every morning…now where are those earplugs of mine?


    anyone know of any cheap one bedroom apartments for rent in the eastern suburbs of Sydney?

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  3. CarGirl 14 years ago

    when i first read on OCD i was surprised how "Textbook " my actions were.glad though that i wasnt crazy. i still live with my parents and my dad will pretty much work with me on things or just let me do it my mom on the other hand is a differnt story.she makes it more stressfull for me to live in the house. shes not unclean..she just dont care..she will take a stack of folded towels and put them on the floor beside the sink..leaving me to be careful on picking on not touching the floor..and the way she does clothes kills me to. i am so ready to move out by myself. i think i will be alot more laid back cause i know what all has been where and relax alot better when im wearing things.another thing is our house has six doors ..which is stressfull t o do a nightly check which is a must for me to sleep safe..hope this helps!

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  4. Arizona_Grown 14 years ago

    Yeah i do that a lot too! Its tough because my boyfriend basically lives with me. He has also has OCD though and i try to explain thats what it is. Unfortunatly he doesnt handle me being upset well because he has ROCD  and takes it EXTREAMLY perosonally. Im just starting to see someone this friday about getting help for that problem. When i know more ill let you know

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  5. GulfCoastDude 14 years ago

    Thank you all again for all of your positive feedback and in opening up to share your personal stories.  Ya’ll are great! 

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