A Date……He picked me up, he was tall, polite, well spoken, but an even better listener, insiteful. He drove pulled over, gave me his full attention, we talked, he was attentive…. we rode for awhile, since I hadn't been out just traveling for so long I told him my story, you guys already no most of it, he was wonderful, it was great, we still talked, eventually we had dinner, still having great conversation, and laughing, yes! I'm smiling, I'm actualy engaged, not bored, we're eating, he's nice to the service person, good tipper, I'm feeling good. We laughed!!! We drove for awhile, he did that for me. Oh i forgot he'd driven 2 plus hrs., to meet me, I'm smiling, my situation didn't deture him either. We're finding so much out about one another, I'm letting go, not so nervous…..he decides he doesn't want to go….so he decides he'd like to see me Sunday, the next day, it was saturday, so he inquires about a hotel close to my mom's, my house, I tell him the Hampton Inn and Suites is great, I've always stayed there, he's ok with that, he's getting tired so we decided to go check it out, we were still visiting so he asked if I 'd stay with him for a little bit….

I stayed….he took care of everything, completely polite, sweet and a TOYTAL gentleman….. went in only one room avaliable, bottom floor, one bed, king, he asked me if I was ok with that, I wasn't but I said ok, just breath Dianne, lol, he said would you like to check the room, we did it was really nice as usual, meanwhile he found out there was an knife convention at the hotel that's why everything was full, lol. I was like here I am in a motel with a strange man and everyone in here you no has knives! I made a joke about us telling our grandkids about our first date as this reads, we both laughed…..I stayed the night…..I was like i don't even have a toothbrush or PJ's, he took care of both, meanwhile he could tell I was really uncomfortable so he put pillows between us and he went right to sleep, i watched tv for awhile and I sleept very little, lol.

The next morning……..I actually woke him up at 7 am, he asked, are you going to go have breakfast with me, i smiled and said no….he replied by saying ok I'll go get you breakfast and bring it to you, what do you like? He brought me what i asked for with all the trimmings,not forgetting anything, I'm smiling, asked if my coffe was good if i needed anymore cream or suger, twice….he stepped out giving me some space i ate alittle ….he returned…..he seemed concerned I hadn't eaten enough. but i said i was great….he laid down on top of the covers we talked some more, making plans for the day, he showered came out in his towel, I took note, lol…..he went back in the restroom dressed and came out, i was being lazy just sitting watching the weather, drinking my coffee, 10 minutes later i jumped into the shower, got out and drying of I thought, hmmm just breath Dianne so I wrapped the towel around myself and decided he'd walked out in his, so shall I and I did, he was shocked, lol, I jumped in bed, hey get your minds out of the gutter, nothing happened, I sat there and he was engaged, but totally sweet, i sat with him not touching me, we talked and laughed some more and then it was well you no time to get dressed, in the bathroom, lol and I did . then i put my makeup on and he was watching, I like.I told him afterI was doneI was resisting cleaning up , making the bed and folding our towels up, he said go ahead, we laughed…. he made up his side and was like I made up my side, we both laughed…he checked evreything, we closed the door behind us and left.I felt really good. its a new day and a new adventure…..It's Sunday morning…..

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  1. flowermantis 11 years ago

    Dianne! I am so glad for you !!!

    You so deserve some happiness,you go girl!!!



    Western Australia x

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