Earlier, I was trying to get ahold of my best friend. I had to conferm plans for tomorrow morning.
I got a text from her other friends phone saying “She’s havin a bad day and doesnt need any drama. so keep it cool please.”
All I could conferm after that was that she didn’t need a ride tomorrow morning.
That’s good because I was just supposed to show up in the morning.
The last time she didn’t cancel plans, I showed up when I was told to, and she had something else going on, and her family made assumptions, that caused a shit storm of drama that caused her not to talk to me for a month, that caused more drama because I didn’t know why, and it just kept esculating for the next three weeks. Whew.
I had little idea what was going on, and talking about it would’ve avoided most of it.
I can’t handle alot of drama either, but over the last few years I’ve learned that talking about it often limits it. Even if it’s other drama.
I have three friends that I feel comfortable venting to.
My best friend is my top choice because we both think alike, and have similar issues. Also what’s mentioned stays with us, and goes no further.
Number 2 doesn’t have the same issues, and doesn’t have an understanding of how a mental case like me thinks.
He’s good for that slap in the face ‘get ahold of yourself’ type of advice that I sometimes need.
Number 3 does understand, but can’t always keep it to herself. That’s why she’s number three.
My best friend usually vents to me for the same reasons I vent with her. Today she needs some space, wich I’d be happy to give her, except we need to conferm the next two days of plans. Some of witch are her job to cancel. Some are mine.
So, now I’m worried that a shit storm of drama is gonna hit the fan if she doesn’t talk with me about our plans, again. Without the discussion, I’m obligated to continue with our plans. I can’t know what to do, otherwise.

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  1. dr_fruikenstein 17 years ago

    She is usually as big of a help to me as she says I am to her. This latest bit of her avoiding me is totally unexpected, as was her avoiding me in the spring. I just got a nasty drama filled message from her in MySpace. I’m really upset over that. I mostly just got over an extreme low caused by other drama that ended an extreme high. That isn’t helping me at all. I’m so afraid that I might drop again. I’m shaking already. She’s usually the one that can calm me in these situations. The other 2 can’t. Now, it’s extremely hard because I can’t talk with her, about her.

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