well went with my b/f to the eye doctor cuz he wanted me to drive back since his eye were going to be dilated. Came home he fixed my bed (stupid wood) than played basketball for a while. than went to my room where he slept for like 4 hours….than my mom comes in trying to pretend she is looking for some shit when it means that she wants him to leave cuz my stepfather is being an asshole. so i throw her out and tell her i’ll be out in 10 mins than we go and sit outside my house and talk about tomo. cuz we wanted to go to the fair but we can’t cuz we are both poor ass hell and but the entrance is only $1 but what about food and shit. well w/e than i asked him if i was gonna see him this weekend ( he is on vacation from work) and he says i guess cuz we have an economics paper due on monday. and i was like yes or no cuz i don’t want to think i am and than i’m not cuz i hate getting pissed. than he got all bitchy like a fucking chick and was like oh i told u earlier we were. and i’m like i guess isn’t yes or no and u know that i hate that. and he was like i just like bothering u thats all. i’m like i don’t like ppl playing around when its serious shit since he is doing good in the class and i’m so not so well he doesn’t give a shit but i do. than it was ok ay come to my house on friday morning (since he fix the car)& i’m like well ok but i can’t drive at night cuz one of the headlights is busted and i don’t want to get pulled over for that bullshit. whatever than i was like u know what u don’t take me seriously & he was like yes i do. but of course he was in a hurry to get home to SLEEP. i mean god damnit all he does is SLEEP. We don’t talk about anything cuz he is sleeping or is sleepy. it pissed me off i felt like saying fuck you if your not gonna take me seriously than i don’t want to be with you cuz i don’t play those stupid games. i know my day wasn’t as bad as other but it was just so much bullshit that made me so fucking pissed.


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