So I decided to give the whole online dating a try. I met a girl on that seemed like she was exactly my type. We emailed and texted back and forth for about a week or so. We hit if off instantly…I was completely into her and the potential of what she had to offer. We finally meet and it goes better than I could've possibly imagined. I totally dig this girl and what she's about plus she's on meds similar to what I take. This was never brought up until we met….that's what I'm looking for, basically someone thats as fucked up as me. We talk about how past ex's never understood what it was like to go through what we do and that they were inconsiderate to our situations. The rest of the tale that I will tell will be copy and pasted from an email to a friend who I confided in about this from this past weekend…."I totally dug everything about her….style….taste in music and movies…attitude…the way she kissed. Then tonight….she was supposed to come up to my place and I was gonna take her out for dinner and drinks after. She still lives with her parents and I guess they didn't like that idea. I ended up having to go out her way and hang out there. She's 26 which I don't mind if she still lives with her parents but if they dictate how she still lives her life thats a problem. Tonight was the exact opposite of how the first time went. I could go into specifics but to summarize it just sucked. It was as if she was super into me one night then the next she changed her mind….I can't keep getting my hopes up for nothing…..cause really thats all I got left with regards to meeting someone at my age…hope. I'm still picky as fuck but my god it shouldn't be this hard to at least meet someone decent. I'm just disappointed I guess." Disappointed is the right word because what are the chances of me hitting it off like that again anytime soon? So fucking slim to none it's not even funny. Does she really think hitting it off with someone and having so much in common happens that easily? Fuck it I guess…better for her to show she gets confused easily now then down the road. I'm just so sick of going back to square one with no end in site.


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