Okay soo I'll get straight to the point. I really like him but I mean I don't know. I guess we talk like almost everyday and I really really enjoy it I just worry that I'm boring him. That since I suck at making conversations and never know what to say that I bore him to death. Actually I'm almost sure I do. It took me a while to actually have the nerve to call him one day even though he calls me. And that should be a sign that he likes talking to me but I can't make myself beleive that. I just feel like I'm boring and I have no idea how he even likes me to be totally honest.

And hes soooo funny! and I'm not. I feel like he probably feels like its a one sided conversation. It probably is. I keep telling myself that the reason he calls is because I am slightly more interesting than his walls at home to talk to. I keep trying to tell myself that isn't true but I can't shake the feeling. I'm sure one day I'll call and he will just not want to talk anymore. And that will be the end of everything. I wish I wasn't so boring and I wish I knew what to talk about.

And then he is always apologizing for things he thinks offends me. Which they dont. At all actually. And I tell him its fine and not to worry but I'm pretty sure he still worrys about them and I'm really relaxed about that kind of stuff but now I'm worring that I might have said something or will say something that will offend him and I wont know it and won't apologize for it and I will ruin everything.

I don't know. I'm always worried about whether I'm interesting enough or smart enough or funny enough to even be talking to him or anyone. Because he is a great guy and I really do enjoy talking to him but Im sure that its not the other way around.


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