Its been a little over Two weeks since Gwen was attacked by the pit bull , on Thuresday she got her staples taken out & her pain patch off , I had given her a sedation pill at home but Gwen is such a fiesty girl , the sedation pill was not quite strong enough , so the vet had to give her a sedation shot , which worked in about 25 minutes , Gwen's wounds are healing nicely & are closing up very quickly unfortunately the vet put her into another E- collar (aka the cone) to say least Gwen was not happy about this , so when we got home on Thuresday evening , she was hungry & was in a rotten mood , because she was back in the cone , for another week , all of Thuresday night , she kept me up whining & crying because the E- collar had her completely freaking out , poor baby did not sleep a wink & nither did I , to say the least hubby snored his head off . Friday was a little bit better but she was still nasty rotten mood all because of the E- collar , she wouldn't let me come near her with the leash , if my husband was around she had no problem but if she was with me by herself , if I would come near with the leash, she would run away , on top of the fact that she can't eat out of her regular food bowl or drink out of her regular water bowl with the dang cone on . Saturday was the final straw with the E- collar , I had her on her leash , I was able to cut the string to the E- collar , of course I caught hell from that , I got the collar lose , then finally yesterday evening I got my mom's pick up stick with a big Rubber oven mit & pulled the cone off her , right when I pull the cone off her , she yelped a little bit but once she saw that I was trying to free her from that dang thing , she changed her tone a little bit . then all of yesteday evenning she would not let me leash to go potty , every time I would come near her with her leash , she would give me a shitty look & run away , I tried a good 7-8 times during the day to leash her & to get her to go potty or to even get her to go for a walk & she wouldn't do it . Finally around 7 pm my husband came home from being gone most of the day & he was able to get her , let me leash her & she did go out & go potty . She did get up in the bed with us last night & slept all night long , right up next me , hogged the bed all night long , which did not bother me , that is the first time in 17 days she has been that close to me . Then today she has seemed to be in better mood, she ate a whole bowel of dry mixed with some cottage cheese her favorite , she has allowed me to leash her twice to go potty & to go for two walks , finally she seems to be getting her spunkyiness back .I will be happy when her new leash gets here & her new blanket , tomorrow the husband & I are going to the court house to file the $126.00 fee to sue the owner of the pit bull , then to the pet store to get Gwen a new collar , then to the grocery store . I have spent two grand on Gwen , its quite odvious how much I love this dog , so this owner better have some major money in bank account to pay me back or else the court will not like him & they put a judgement on him ..


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