Entry 9 –

I just wanted to start my post with a motivational video that helped me and it might get you through some tough days too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDJwSjhpJUI

Today I\’m feeling very lifted, I\’m on a natural high though they usually are very rare I feel confident, good, secure, etc. I am going to leave my house and just hangout at the library for a bit. I think anxiety really anchors us down to the point that we can\’t just exist and enjoy the moment, ironically because we\’re so focused on the future and what\’s to come and  whether or not/how much control we have of that future.

Sometimes you just have to try to relax and remember that each day is a gift and an opportunity to do so much more and do life right.

Anyway, without further ado here are my worry thoughts for the day:

What if I get stuck at home again? Then I\’ll make the best of it, but I\’m not physically tied down to home thankfully and so I can leave whenever I want and just take a peaceful healthy walk. Even if I start to feel odd I can just stop, clear my mind and reset myself.

What if I can\’t get these videos done? Then too bad, they\’ll be late. A hobby isn\’t as pressing as good mental health so I can get to them when I do and do so in the least stressful way.

And I\’m happy to say that that\’s it for today! Very few and I may not even meditate today.



I was not aware that there has to be a limit, I will try to restructure my blogs from now on to match the 300 word count. From now on I will do 3 days worth of entries in one post to make sure that there are at least 300 words and this thing will let me publish.


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