So i have to share this cuz it may quite possibly have been the scariest moment of my life….ok here it goes

So last night i was getting ready to go to sleep. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. We have black rugs in our bathroom and usually i dont watch where i'm stepping. Ya know just like walk up to the counter and what not nightly ritual. ok so i step on the rug and i feel something move by my feet and i'm like wtf was that…..THEN i start feeling something go up my calf ON THE INSIDE OF MY JEANS!!! so i scream and start hitting my pant leg and thought i got it…until it starting making its way up my leg even faster. By this time i start hitting with one hand and trying to unbutton my jeans with the other hand. it was circling around my leg farther up so this point i'm screaming bloody murder and am whole hardedly trying to just unbutton my jeans and get them off.

I manange to get my jeans unbuttoned right as it reached the top of my thigh just underneath my butt. i'm flailing around ripping my jeans off and at this point i'm hysterical crying and yelling for David. I still have NO idea what is in my jeans. My husband was in the kitchen playing video games looking at me like…um what just happened. so i half cry explain to him and hes like what so i yell MYY JEANS!!! ITS IN MY JEAANNSSS!!!

he picks up my jeans and is like omg i see something and he shakes my jeans and this HUGE cockroach comes flying out. We both scream and its like mad crazy scramble to grab something to kill it with. this thing not even kidding you was 4 inches long and fat and gross. scariest moment of my life. While laying in bed i was sooo paranoid that something was guna crawl on me again. ugggggggg i know …intense right lol

  1. bummer 11 years ago

    You now have the best story ever to tell. 

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  2. Silent_Tears68 11 years ago

     I live in Louisiana which I prolly should have mentioned that cuz then you might fully understand the concept of how HUGE this thing was. I swear bugs in Louisiana are like abagillion sizes bigger than they should be.

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