The phrase "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" only is true to a certain extent. Something's are easily to look over but "Words" can sometimes leave emotional scars that can never be healed. Believe me when I tell you that. (Write it down, take a picture) or whatever you need to do, but let that sink in first. I always wanted to bring this topic to the internet because "Cyber bullying" has taken a toll on this generation. I met with some pre-teens today and I can tell you that meeting with them had officially put a stamp on this message for me to finally address these issues. Ok! You know how some people think it's ok to be "OutSpoken" well not all the time most ppl use being "Outspoken" or even "Real" as an excuse to be completely ignorant or just plain RUDE. There is no reason you should speak on situations you really know nothing about and i'm more than positive we all have did that before. At 13 or even any age there should be NO REASON you feel like you want to kill yourself for ANY REASON. But indeed it happens. I talked to 2 girls today. We talked,laughed and even cried and I must say it broke my heart to see them so young stressing as if they were 30 with 4 kids and unpaid bills. If you must know "DEPRESSION" is indeed a serious disorder.(Re-Read the last sentence again) If you know what depression is, when you are just that, you know. That fact that people believe it comes with an age range is "STUPID" anyone can get sucked into that dark hole and only GOD can bring you out. Both of the young ladies I conversed with had weight issues due to depression.(Gain and Lost) Now that's were on this subject I'll start with myself. From personally experience I lost 10 pounds due to depression. It's usually a well known problem that people get depressed and eat. Well that's common. You can also lose your appetite. I've had people tell me "You to skinny" "Gain some weight" "Eat!" "don't lose no more weight" (As if it was in my plans) And even "I want to lose some weight but not get that damn skinny" well let be tell you this each and every one of them "Words" hurt and caused irreversible damage. No one hit me physically but emotional tore me apart day by day. But people didn't think it was rude or mean because being skinny is something people generally think is nothing serious. I wanted to gain weight but I could never fix my mouth to say to someone "I want to gain some weight but not be that fat". Sometimes I understand it can be shocking to see someone go from 135 pounds to 115 or 135 to 185, I get it. But something's are indeed better left "Unsaid" you never know people story or struggle unless they tell you and no they're not obligated to tell everyone. Neither are you obligated to act as if you're weight watchers and remind them that they have gained or lost weight every single time you see them. I can gladly smile and say "I can see clearly now" I'am no stone but I'am happy, healthy, stronger and unbothered. And if GOD wants me to be back to the size I was last year then I'll get there. Till then i'm thankful he has guided me through that horrible disease they call depression.(Thank God!) I'm no preacher but I can say that all of this starts with YOU only you can change yourself and think before you speak, spread the word to others and teach our babies early for the next generation. I've witnessed enough. No one should have to wear a sign on their forehead saying "I'm struggling to gain/lose weight" "I'm homeless" "I've been raped/Abused" "I'm finically unstable" or "I'm depressed" but what you can do is be positive. Because like I said before no one owes you an explanation for their struggle but when you have to explain to GOD why you did it or why you continue to do it then you'll understand. IT HAS TO STOP!!!


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