Majority of the time when i see you my friends on this place complainig and talking about how frustrated your life have been in the developed world i tend to find it very hard to quantify what i am reading because you shuold count yourselfs very lucky to be in a privilege environment were atleast the government listens to your plight,there are medical facilities and counsellors to advice you on how to go about your problem or the availability of food,conducive environment,security and the goodness is endless my friends in the developed world.

 But you see in the world were i am there are no such things like that because poverty is the most dangerous and despicable disease that is far more deadly than aids which is ravaging the whole of africa and do you know how painful it is when you wake up in the morning and how to feed happens to be the most imperative question that will be on your mind.

 I am privilege to come from a well to do family and moreso due to my dexterous and innovative nature we have been able to cross and expunge poverty and impoverishment from our life but when you go out on the street you see abled bodied men on the street running mad in droves due to abject poverty without no medical attention,no good governance,no food,corruption and so on.

  Ifelt i should let you know how lucky and privilege you guys were on this part of the world that you must stand upright to send packing that debilitating anxiety ofr panic attack because they are your hand work which will only take your handwok to quell.

  I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander so i implore you to look deep into your life and say to yourself i must take back my destiny and continue to strive because i have the oppourtunity and wherewhittal to better my lot and my family life due to my being privilege.

  There are some people all over the world that dont even know what is anxiety because all what they adduce is that thier problem were necessitated by thier enemy whereas its thier fault.

 Try to learn from the underdeveloped and pull yourself together by living your life like its beautiful.

 Thank you once more


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