Disease or not a disease?

 The debate as to weather this addiction is a disease or not has been going on for some time. It probably will go on for some time to come. Me I agree that it is but that’s me. Today I saw a man celebrate 34 year of recovery. Old time views but that doesn’t matter either. He made a lot of good points about this not being a disease. He said that his cancer is a disease that he wished ho could go to a meeting for to stop it from killing him but he can’t. He had no choice as to weather it would kill him someday. I totally understood. He said that once we get clean it’s a choice to use again. I agree with him on that one. I though that man has been making bad choices concerning his physical, mental and spiritual health since the beginning of time. I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Is that a disease or just being perfectly human as I like to say. I can think this one question into a days worth of a wasted of time. (Obsessive again) The saying “Keep it Simple Stupid” comes to mind in this situation. I know that I have an obsessive and compulsive personality. I know that if I chose to take just one that my ability to just stop is non-existent. If I stay clean today – at the end of the day when I do my tenth step I won’t care if I have a disease or not. I’ll just be grateful that I didn’t use. If I do use and die and my wife and children are standing at my grave. I don’t think that they will really care what killed me. A disease or a bad choice I’ll be gone. So I’ll keep it simple. The trick is to learn to accept the choices I make and if they were bad ones try not to make them again (if I get the chance). Disease or not?  JUST DON’T USE – NO MATTER WHAT.                 

  1. michaelcali 13 years ago

    Indeed Johnny that seems to be the age old question…TO  be a Disease or NOT TO be a Disease…I speak of the Disease factor at times…knowing I make it a disease if I CHOOSE to pick up…once I dont I am ok….but yes…I am humbled by knowing that I am only one drink away from going back out and possibly not making it back…so…when I am at my best I am on my top game I remember where I was such a short time ago and how I dont have anyone but me to blame..no one forced me..it was always a choice to pick up that first one…2 3 4 5 6 ….. Life is good now…my disease is Sobriety and LIVING…I so hope everyone that needs it catches it… Lots of love…Mike

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  2. jjrocksarizona 13 years ago

    i suffer from addiction. whether that addiction is too drugs, alcohol, fast women, slow women, fasr cars, retail theraphy, sex, gambling it all falls under the first step. admitted i was powerless over my addiction what ever that addiction may be and admitted my life was uncontrolable over it. it’s up to me to arrrest that disease and resolve the problem i have with it. learning to live in the solution today and not being a part of the problem is the answer. the key to serenity is surrender to the fact i suffer from an addiction or addictions today. it’s up to me to live up to the standards set down in the 12 steps of NA. how you work your program is totally up to you.  stay  clean and be good to yourself.


    In Recovery for life,



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