Well this is a crazy entry but I had to write it. I was hiking in the mountains last weekend and as I was trying to forget about work and personal things that have bothered me. I arrived at the top of the mountain and sat and rested and looked at how beautiful out it was. As I watched the birds above I wondered if animals get sad. Ever since that crossed my mind I have thought about this off and on during the week. Last night I was sitting outside with my dog, talking to my parents about my daughters and their future, and mine as well, and as the quiet tears rolled out my eyes, I looked at my dog and thought to myself I wonder if he gets sad. I believe they can be lonely, but can they be sad like humans. I don't think so. I believ they can be lonely when we leave them alone and happy to see us again. As well an animal never thinks of suicide either. They are quite the opposite in the sense that they fight for life til their very existence ends, like most humans do, but the contimplation of ending their lives because of sadness never enters their minds.

Why is it that a mammal that can love and be lonely even in the simplest of emotion never want to end its life but only fight to live. Maybe our complicated lives and complicated emotions that follow us in our lives, put our hearts in a state of feeling so sad that the thought of ending it gives us a final peace that no one or nothing can take from us.

Maybe it is this, the one thing that we can truly control in our lives, give us that thought of ending our existance.

Oh well, we all fight every day to survive or none of you would be reading this rant right now.

So keep on fighting and kiss your dogs and cats, and think about the animals sadness next time.


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