this is going to sound really silly but it just playing around in my head a lot! i really dont feel like my sisters care about me all that much at the moment! i really wasnt well last weekonly a flu type thing but was not a good week of it! anyways i saw my sisters and cousin right at the start of the week and really struggled to see them but i went anyways as i didnt want to let any one down, my sisters knew i wasnt well from this! so yeah anways i didnt hear anything from them all week just to see if i was ok! i know it sounds insanly selfish and stupid , but when one of them are ill im always texting just to see if there ok and if they need me to get them anything and they do the same to each other even when one of them just has a lil cold! i dont get ill often but when i do im really ill and so would of thought they least just send a text say hey hope your ok! i just genrally just dont feel as they care that much at the moment 🙁 i woldnt feel so bad if i didnt know what they are like when either of them are ill! i know im just sounding like a childish selfish girl at the moment, its just the way im feeling. i genrally feel so pushed out with me and my sisters they even meet up weekly and onlysee me every few weeksthat alone makes me feel pushedout becase i try and arange thingsbut i know with there shifts its awakard so i do sayjust let me know when you guys are doing summin and ill come see youboth but like i said thats not nearly as often as they see each other 🙁 sorry this ismore of a rant ,just havinga hard time beilving why anyone would wantme arond anywaysand just needed to get this stupid crapout of my head 🙁

  1. DiscoQueen 9 years ago

    Rant all you want dear! That is why this groups exist for us to clear this out of our systems so it doesn't poison us. It's hard not to take things personal when you are feeling sick, everything is so magnified and your ability to deal with it is minimized. Do you feel like you can share any of your feelings with them about it? If not don't worry you can always share with us. I hope you are feeling better and this may sound nonsensical but I read this on a facebook post and it spoke to me….Stay true to yourself because so few people will stay true to you. Try not to let them make you feel bad ( I know how hard that is believe me ).

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  2. fragile_things 9 years ago

    hey thank you both! i felt better abot getting it out , still feel crap but better for not keeping it locked up though! x

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