I'll cut to the chase; I have an angry dad and a mother who (not to sound too 'teenagery'),is so different from me, that when she tries to understand my thought process, she always gets it wrong.

You'll need a background story, so here it is: my OCD involves my parents and my OCD has always been subtly improving, but their patience hasn't (which I understand). A few months ago, this led to them doing what I had always been adamant I didn't want – them getting me 'help.' I was doing fine, but it was distressing their lives and so I agreed to go to private help. This made me get worse; even my 'therpaist' said that she didn't think I should be there as I have a method of ridding it that's effective and all seeing her did was cause me stress. My parents took this to mean, that I need more help. So, when we would argue at night, they would call the Police and Ambulance and get them to 'see to me.' They always left saying I was clearly in control of my faculties, yet they wouldn't stop. They then told the school and they forced me to get formally diagonsed (medically) which was always my number one no, as when I rid myself of it, I don't want it following me on paper for the rest of my life. The school and my parents then said I had to go, or they would chuck me out school, so I did.

This is pretty much all resolved now, but now I'm going through a medical health check, as I'm hoping to work with kids and I got annoyed, as I realised that my employer would know I had this and that I wouldn't be rid of knowing the people around me knew after I left school and that it wasn't my secret anymore. I blame my parents for this; I did not want to go, but due to their own frustration, they went to doctors obsessivly. Each doctor said you should always go, but they also said that I was the most unique case they've ever had as I 'deal with it in an intellectual and effective way that they have never seen before.'

So, this form came through today and I thought of all this, got upset, and didn't tell them why (due to anger issues with my dad). I then had to ask them about changing my GP, as I don't want my employer contacting my current GP asdoes not take kindly to me due to my lack of willingness to open up to him about my OCD, he thinks my deeply private nature means I'm (this is a direct quote) 'an incredibly selfish manipulative girl,' which I'm simply not, just very determined to keep what little privacy I have.

Anyway, I asked my mum and it turned out she'dfound the form and decided I was upset as I may not get the job due to it (which as stated, wasn't the reason). When I said no, my father decided that this was an incredibly rude thing to do and got angry. Books are precious to me, and he knows this, so he decided to steal my favourite book and throw it in the bin. I now know this was not true, but he'd thrown another book of mine into the garden before, so I suppose rather stupidly believed this.

Despite it not being true, I'm now rather upset and not sure I deserve to be…

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks for allowing me to vent.


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