So, I've been blogging quite frequently about the neighbour kids who live below us. They're students and they enjoy smoking pot (making our apartment stink), and blasting music 24/7. We've had to call the police on them twice, we've had to speak with them personally regarding their music and pot use twice, and we've written them a note plus alerted our landlord who did positively nothing.

Anyway, on our most recent trip (where my boyfriend was enraged and demanded the one kid stop smoking pot there), the kid responded by blasting the music extra loud in the morning and then smoking pot the next day to get back at us. His friend (who also lives with him), informed us of his hostility. His friend is also a little more easy-going and wishes to resolve issues more. (At least, he displays this attitude.)

While, today, while heading outside to our car, I noticed a beat-up looking wallet lying on the icy, gross ground. I thought "maybe it's just old and throw out", but I picked it up and opened it – only to see that it contained a driver's licence, a student I.D, $30.00, a debit card, and various other personal identification! It said the guy was born in 1991 and he attends a local College! I thought instantly; "This sort of looks like the age range from the guy's below us!" So I passed it to my boyfriend, and he thought it looked a lot like the kid he always yells at who rebelled against us.

So, we took it back to them. His friend opened the door, (he was obviously cooking), and we asked him his friend name, age, ect. Then we gave it back and told him we had found it on the ground.

We left. Later on, the guy came back to thank us personally, said he'd be screwed without it. I told him I would've given it back no matter what, and that I had found it by his buddy's black car.

Perhaps our hostilities will decrease?

Hope so.

  1. Ditto 11 years ago

    Hopefully this will make things improve for you. When I was at the grocery store a couple of days ago I was walking out of the store and noticed someone had left their purse in a cart, so I took it to the service desk and told them I found it in a cart and gave it to them.I didn't look in it, could have been a thousand dollars in there for all I know. I would want the same if I left my purse behind.

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  2. Quest 11 years ago

    Seems this kid has some major issues, and hopefully your gesture will be a lesson in courtesy and respect.  Let's hope it will be a step for him in the right direction.

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  3. ocdmama 11 years ago

    You did the right thing and a nice thing :)Hopefully everything will be smooth from now on 🙂

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