Ok what the hell do I do now I went to the doctor that specalizes in tubal reversals and everything went well with my hubby's part and I looked great for me to have the operation but my Doc told me I had to quit smoking before he would do the surgury. I have been smoking for a long asss time and I don't think I will be able to quit. I have no other Doctor to go to for this. I am in agony.  Everyone around me doesn't smoke or has quit and thinks it to be a very easy thing for me to do. With my mental problems and my life the way it is right now I don't see how I am going to be able to quit in time to have the surgury. All this information came to me after the worse two days I have had in a long time. My ex screwed me really bad on Sunday. Well you will need to know that he lives in Indiana and I live in Ohio. Every other weekend we meet in Lima to do the drop off and pick up of our girls. Well the drop off on friday went ok but the pick up on Sunday went to crap.  I was on my way and almost to Lima when I got a call from him . He said he was unable to get to Lima and needed me to come all the way to Idiana to get the girls. At this point is was about 7 o'clock and I was already in the car. I couldn't say no and he knew that. His excuse was that something happend to the lug nuts ,or something like that, to his tire and did not want to risk the drive to Lima. So I said I would drive to his house and asked for directions. He gave me the worst directions. He forgot to tell me to get onto one freeway and then told me that once on this other one that I was to stay on it untill it turned into another one. It never did turn into it so I stopped to get a map and at that time got another call from him and had to turn around this being the second time I had to. I got to him by 10:45. We left there at 11:20. I got directions from his wife to get to the freeway we knew and it was ok but we got home at 2:30am in the morning. My husband was pissed he had school work (online) due by 3:00am and he had to rush it. Also when I unloaded the car of the girls things I found that they did not pack the girls shoes. Man at this point I was livid. So the next morning I got up late called off all the kids from school and had to call my sister to take us out to get shoes. I was very lucky to have had the money to do so or I would have been even more upset. So it took forever. I had to get my oldest to school before she had her St. Pactrick's concert. She also needed to wear green which I had to get from the store . When I got home to change her into it it did not fit. So I took the shirt my yungest girl was wearing and put it on her just so she could be wearing green and get to school befor it was too late. I got her there ! hour before the concert. The whole two days just sucked. I just wanted to die. It is stuff like this that I deal with that drives me crazy . It makes me wonder if I should go on. After the clothes that I got her didn't fit I threw the biggest fit infront off my children. It was so hard to keep it in that long I felt that I had to snap. Then two days later I find out about haveing to quit smoking in order to get the surgury to have a baby. I am loosing my mind here.  

  1. angels5888 13 years ago

    i do know now they tell u to quit smoking b/4 a surgery, but i never did an i had a lot of them, i even smoked in hosp, so , i dont know, but some ppl i know just had surgery also, and didnt have to quit, maybe nite b/4, just dont smoke, and as far as what wex hubby did to u, i wouldnt have gone all that way, i know u didnt have a choice but he needs to get some extra clothes for the girls to have there so this doesnt happen again, also he owes u to come and get the girls the next couple of times, and i mean all the way. also, i was just thinking are u really sure u want this surgery did u think it all through b/cuz once u do, thats it, just be very sure, u know what i mean. ok, tc, hugggggssss

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  2. metalheadfreak1992 13 years ago

    aww I'm really sorry I wish there was something I can do. I hope things get better.=]

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