What is all this nervous energy. Why must all dials be calibrated every single day. I see suffering of children. Beautiful souls of animals are kicked aside like garbage. Nations are killing themselves. This is the 21st Century people! This is human CIVILIZATION.

I don't have to shut my eyes to see them. They are screaming in my ears. I see you. I hear you. I am dancing around and around, skirts flying… they all think I've lost my mind. I HAVE.

The lion only kills when he has to. To preserve and protect his pride. But the lioness mutlilates and tears her intended to pieces with savage intensity. I am the lioness. I am protecting me and mine. You are not going to defeat me.

There is a truth in this intensity that cannot be denied. We are the blue chldren. We were put here to SEE. Believe me when I tell you, I SEE.

It's not any better Grandfather. It's much much worse. There are beautiful young people trying their hearts out, but I can't bear to tell them how futile it is. My days are becoming numbered and I am nothing. I have done nothing.

It's not enough. Throwing band-aids on massive wounds. It's useless.

The volume on my keyboard is cranked. My hair is loose and I'm in time, in sync, flowing and apart of it all. My harmonies are loud and clear and dominant. Radiowaves. Like so many thousands of people all crammed into one small place, sharing the air, sapping the energy.

As much as I create good, right now I feel like screaming out: STOP IT. LISTEN TO ME. STOP THIS INSANITY. Obama was supposed to help us. He was supposed to be brilliant. Harvard and shit. What a crock. And there's no one else that can lead usl. NO ONE. Where is the King? Where is the army of strong bright white freedom soldiers? Where are the men we raised to become leaders? WHERE ARE THEY?

Somebody has to take the reins that can drive us. We can't all sit in the wagon waiting for something to happen. WE CAN'T WAIT! Stand up you whining children. You are FULL of strength. USE IT. Save us.

I've been up for days. No amount of meds can slow this fire down. My brains feel like they're boiling. The knot in my heart, in my throat just gets bigger. My voice isn't being heard. Not nearly loud enough.

It's ALWAYS about the MONEY. Who has the most. Who can wield the most power over others. CONTROL. It's WRONG, I tell you. My flowers are growing anyway. I'm living here anyway. I never forget what you've done. NEVER.

Daddy, what did you do????? Daddy! I'm scared out of my mind. I'm so lonely and sad. I've done nothing but fight and struggle all my life, just for this? It's Hell right here on Earth. How many tears will I have to cry before somebody listens. Help the children!!!!! HELP THEM. Support the shelters. Get in your freakin pockets and stop whining. Get up off your dead asses!

I live in a beautiful sanctuary. With all the poverty and pain, these people never complain. They always smile no matter how much it hurts. The animals drag around broken limbs until they die. We're no different. Broken and barely dragging ourselves around. Somebody better step up before it's over. Too late. They are watching. And trust me, they are not happy. We better be ready. They think they know what's coming, and they look at us like stupid lambs for the slaughter. They've got everybody fooled.

I give until I can't give another ounce of me. It's never enough. I miss my dog. I need him here right now. I need to run with him. But instead I direct my energy into this, because I am only sad. No one would know. I am no warrior. I am no leader. I am a scared woman hiding children behind her skirts, begging for mercy for us all. I tell their stories. I sing their songs. I feel their pain. I am the instrument of fear. As much as they need me, they fear any American. As much as they smile and take my hand, they just want to escape. So do I. Inside I am imploding, it's amazing what the human body can withstand. It's amazing how much the people and the animals endure. It doesn't have to be this way.

Come together. Put your hatred behind you. Shine forth all the bright white light you can muster, surround us in it. Protect us. Don't leave us. Don't.

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  1. aloneforevernew 10 years ago

    thats quite motivating. i'm not doing anything to help the world but i want to be.

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