1. tinyhumanrn05 4 years ago

    Yes! I am currently on Zoloft 75mg for anxiety and depression and it has definitely worked. I had to go up from 50 to 75 and it’s been about 2 wks since the increase. I am able to get through things better than not having it. You should try counseling as well, it works better if you talk to someone about your anxiety depression as well as take the medication. You can get down to the bottom of what makes you anxious! Hope this helps! I e had a therapist for 7 years and just started the medication last Dec.

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  2. iris-dar 7 months ago

    Never tried Zoloft, but some friends have been better on it. I’ve been on Buproprion / Wellbutrin, (sp?) for a while and it’s helped.

    Not to sound cruel, but talk to someone, get some help!

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