ok so i know life isn't a bowl of cherrys and i'm not gonna beat this in one day, but all i wanted to do today was to go shopping to get my daughter a suprise for doing so well at school  as always i planed evrything that would happen and where i was going to go and hubby and sis-in-law were with me so should have been a breeze! but no my stupid head got the better of me, 1st the bus never turned up although we got to the bus stop 15mins early as i always do, but that was nowt i got through that, when we went to catch the bus an hour later i was fine, very quiet bus, no hold ups and i was fine, we get to town and i'm fine its not busy so i go on my way we get to the first shop and that was it panic attack! the shop wasn't even busy so i went outside and had to make hand signals to hubby as to which mobile phone to buy for our daughter, so all calm i try the next shop but nope it wasn't going to happen, i had to grab what i wanted throw it at hubby and head for the door, lucky my 4yr old was with me and wanted to go outside and stand in the snow so all defeated hubby took us down to a family pub and we sat in the quiet family area and had lunch and then we went to catch the bus home, while we were waiting i did manage to go into a card shop and buy some mothers day cards only because my sis-in-laws girlfriend works in there and she spotted me and came to do the distraction she knows i need in shops.

but thats it i'm putting it all down to experiance and as a great friend said to me "for ever few steps forward, there will always be 1 back" and he's right its not stopping me i will be trying again and soon.

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  1. snowdreamer 13 years ago

    I'm so sorry your day didn't go like you wanted it too.  You tried so hard.  I hope your daughter loves  her gifts and that your day goes a little better.

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