TRIGGER WARNING: I mention having a panick attack in some detail.

It was a long time ago since I wrote a blog entry here and a lot in my life has changed in my life since. Right now I'm on medication for low levels of the hormone seratonin and have been for quite a while now. I take 100mg daily (two 50mg pills).

I haven't felt much of my depression for a long time, but sometimes I don't know what I feel at all. I'm not self diagnosing but sometimes I do depression tests to see how many symptons I still show to see if the medicine is helping me and I always end up with the result of being depressed, though I just feel neutral most of the time (I'm neither sad nor happy). I think maybe the medicine has helped against the depression or at least the feelings of depression, though I have moments I feel depressed it is not as constant as it used to be,

Firstly, I wonder if anyone who has taken seratonin medication has had any problem sleeping. I have taken this medicine for a few months now my body should beused to the medicine and the dose. But ever since I started to take the medicine I've had a really hard time to fall alseep at night and it is harder for me to wake up in the morning. I can lay for hours in bed being tired and trying to sleep without actually falling asleep and it is almost agonizing. I tried to google what effects my medication can have on sleep but what I find does not apply to my case.

Also as my depression seems to have become better, nothing has changed with my anxiety. I would almost say it is worse because sometimes I can get random anxiety attacks (usually when it is late) that I have no idea what caused it and are very hard to keep under control. I've had 2 panick attacks in a month (with hyperventilating and muscle cramps and trembling, which I haven't had for a really long time).

I have very bad contact with the psychiatry. I don't know if the doctor I saw is still there or when he is there and I don't have a permanent nurse to contact for information. One time when I called the nurse was going to call me the day after and I didn't hear from her for weeks and it was only because I picked up the phone and called her again to ask. What was the topic then was something as important as the dose of my medication. I've also haven't recieved any information about therapy.

I'm just going to stop this post now before I ramble on into eternity. Any answer or advice would be greatly appriciated.

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  1. skyye 6 years ago

    Hi Dragonfly…I can so relate to your post. I am new here. Just found the site today. 15 years ago I had panic attacks that would land me in hospital at least 3 times a year for the major ones. A wonderful doctor saw the many trips to hospital and gave me a few suggestions that really helped me. I was panic attack free for 13 years after following his advice, until both my Mom and Dad died within 2 years. They started up again, not as bad but I am trying to keep them from getting as severe as they were.
    Some of the advice I was given :
    Join a guided meditation group. – now you can find then online and they help. A habit of doing them a couple of times a day before an attack helps.
    -practice deep breathing , in thru the nose – count out 3 , out thru the mouth – count to 4 when ever you feel stressed a tad ..
    – lay down a couple of times a day and do especially when you go to bed.. starting at your toes, tighten and release.. and work your way up your body.
    Put your hands on your chest as you do this.
    I did all this plus joined a n actual group and went for 12 weeks.
    All those things and a few more I got involved in really helped.
    I was also put on Paxil CR 20- a time release.

    I was attack free for 13 years. Now I find I am having lesser attacks and reached out here today so hopefully they will not escalate.
    I hope some of these might help you as well . I am starting over too . Be good to you – Skyye

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