Hey again! So work last night was stressful just as expected. i was working with only one other server and there were only three working in the kitchen. I tried to keep a good mood but everyone seemed to bring their bad attitude. One chef got on to me about how a rang up bread on a sandwich, and the girl expoing rolled her eyes everytime i asked her anything through the window. ugh. it sucks when ppl act like that and im trying so hard to be friendly. Oh well. i dont usually work with that crew of ppl thank goodness. Today i worked the day shift and it was a good day with a few minor bad things. i overhear a coworker openly talking to another saying "you sure missed a great pool party yesterday!" he replied saying "well it would help if i had been invited". From the pictures on facebook it looks like most everyone that i consider myself friends with was invited. That being so, i was pretty sad that i wasnt invited or even told that i was missed. hmph. oh well. Another thing today is that there is one girl that is returning to work that for some reason just really works my anxiety. just greeting her saying "hey how are you" caused me to blush so bad i had to hide my face for a bit. She is just soooooo great at being social and funny and just knowing what to say, i guess im intimidated by that and thats why i have such a hard time talking to her. The sad thing is i think she is cool and would like to be her friend but i cant stand being around her bc how anxious she makes me. plus she has been rude to me in the past and its hard to forget how that felt.Anyway, she will only be working with us again for about a week so it wont be so bad….. I found out today at work that we are having a dinner with the company ceo as kind of a celebration of surviving. I think its great and am excited to go, but along with that im already nervous. being taht we all will be at dinner rather than work its going to be a much more intimate setting with my coworkers and bosses and i have a hard time keeping up convo. Im sure it will be fine, just another thing to worry about until then….

thanks all that has been reading! im really new and i am so excited to see that ppl really do care on here!


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