It's probably something small, but this is basically what happened that just made this sucky day even suckier. A friend of mine and my boyfriend got his girlfriend pregnant, she just miscarried probably due to her stressing so much. My first reaction was to see if they were ok and if they wanted to talk, especially since I had miscarried, I could empathize with her mainly. How does my boyfriend react? By telling him "Dude, trust me, you're young, you're not missing anything." To me that isn't exactly the appropriate response to give when someone's girlfriend just miscarried. So basically what happened was that I told my boyfriend that they think she probably miscarried due to all the stress she was putting on herself. I told my boyfriend that was horrible, and he responded by telling me that me stressing was probably what made me miscarry as well.

I might not show it, but I still hurt a bit when it comes to that topic. And to me, that just isn't something that you tell someone. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. But when a friend's girlfriend just miscarried probably the last thing to do is to tell someone that they probably miscarried because of stress as well. The thing is, I stress alot, I worry alot, when I found out I was pregnant I started stressing more, not nearly as much as I could have or anything, but the thing is, I think what really got me is how my boyfriend said it. He said (and I quote) "You probably miscarried from stress too. You were stressing so much that the baby commited suicide."

I think that's the real thing that just made this day even suckier, the last sentence he said "you were stressing so much that the baby commited suicide." To me, that is definately not something you should say, not even jokingly.

This day has just been one sucky thing after another. First my sandle breaking, then being stung for the first time, then being followed by some drunk black guy and now this. And the thing is, I know that these are all just a bunch of small things, but for some reason they're just ruining the day.

After he said that comment to me I started crying a bit, he then asked what I was sniffling for…this coming from the guy who earlier got extremely pissed because I said that I didn't find skinny guys attractive (he's known this from the begining). He asked me if I found one of his skinny friends attractive and I told him no, mainly because I just don't like skinny guys. I'm a bigger girl, I always feel like I'm going to break a skinny guy with just a hug, also, I just don't find skinny guys attractive, I honestly find guys that are very muscular and a bit thick attractive. People always compare me to a bear and I like guys that remind me of a bear, tall, big, muscular and a big appettite. The thing is, we both admitted a long time ago that we both aren't what each other would usually date. Also, in the begining of the relationship he made it clear multiple times and a few times recently that he doesn't like big girls, he like girls that are small with a bit of muscles or small girls that are skinny.

Anyways, this day has just made me depressed.

  1. snowdreamer 13 years ago

    I'm sorry darling but your boyfriend is an ass for what he's said….I too like guys who are bigger because I'm big too.  Also another thing that comment about the baby commiting suicide, what a jerk (would use another name but not in here)

    I miscarried many years ago and it still stays fresh in my mind.  I miscarried twins at 6 months into the pregnancy and if my boyfriend had told me that I would have smacked him in the face!

    Sweetheart I'm so sorry your day has been sucky but you went thru a lot of sucky things which balled up into one sucky day for lack of a better word.  You are strong and a very kind and loving person don't let him bring you down, not one inch, you are the better person this time.  Hold your head high and know someone out here really cares….

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  2. GetBetter 13 years ago

    Thank you 🙂 Your comments always help 🙂

    Hopefully today is going to be better. He apollogized this morning and my toe isn't swollen as much, So hopefully today is alot better 🙂

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