This will only make sense to me, I'm sure, but writing it out will help me, I think.

I was in a truck with someone. It seems like it may have been some of the cast of Y&R, as I occasionally dream that I work with them.

I asked the woman who was driving where we were going, and she said "Terrace Street".

We got to this really big, old house and I knew where we were, because it was a property that my husband and I had looked at when we were checking out houses. I immediately remembered what the inside of the house was like. There were four of us in the truck, I'm remembering now, because there were people who were seeing the house. I was jealous that they were there because I loved the house but none of the loan things went through for us to be able to get a house.

So she (the driver) was actually there to see the people who were seeing the house. Two of them knew those people, and the one other guy who was in the truck didn't. So I told everyone else that I'd just sit and wait in the truck while they did their visiting.

The other guy did get out and I don't know what he was doing, but I sat there either pretending to read or pretending to play a video game or something.

They asked me to get out because there was a party going on I guess, and they wanted me to help with some of the stuff. Then I was informed that they were going to play a prank on this one woman who was there, by pretending to give her a really bad haircut. I thought for sure that she'd know, but there was no mirror, so she at least couldn't see it as it was happening.

I said, "Well what do you want me to do?" They said, "You're an actor. ACT!"

So I came over and gasped and said, "Oh my god… well… you can *probably* fix that, but you'll have to take it like, shoulder length…"

And they said, "Oh do you think so?" And they turned to the woman and told her that I did go to school for hairdressing (which I really did in real life) so I'd probably know.

They even had her hair like, rubber banded up in loops of hair, so that if she reached for her hair in the back she'd feel that it was a very short length.

Then the girl who was getting a haircut, her sister took me aside and turned her back to me and was laughing and told me what a great job I did. Then I said that we should probably be looking very serious and pretend to be talking in concerned voices about her hair.

It was then that I realized that the woman with the haircut fiasco was wearing a gown… a wedding gown. I felt bad for her, because I hadn't realized that she was getting married, and she probably already had so much on her mind, and here I was causing her more anxiety. I thought about telling her, but she walked by (presumably to go see what her hair looked like anyway, which looked fine) and she was gone.

I went into the house, which eventually turned into a big hall where the wedding I guess was going to be taking place. It was gorgeous. There was an area on the right side where the wedding would take place–it was all covered in white tulle and white chairs and it was under a white tent. There was a patio going the length of the building that had round tables at it. When I followed the patio out and around the back, there was a gorgeous whitewater bubbling brook down in a ravine on an overlook. This would be where the bride would be walking to make her entrance to her wedding, I thought at the time. How beautiful!

Back inside, there was a hall that had more round tables and plenty of room for dancing and lots of white lights everywhere.

It was there that I saw an ex of mine. He was with his wife. I didn't say anything to him, I just noticed him there, dressed up, and felt embarrassed and wished that I was anywhere but there. But since I didn't drive there, I felt like I was stuck there, and had to find somewhere else to be. I went across the building and there was another hall where someone could hold a reception if they wanted to. In between those two halls was a hallWAY (haha I wonder if the word "hall" has significance to me…) and I tried to hang out in there.

My ex saw me starting to leave, and I heard him say to a guy (I think it was one of the guys that I rode with), "Where's she going?" and I took off fast. I went around some winding hallways and into and out of doors so that nobody would find me. I was trying to hide as best I could. But eventually I ran into the ex again, and he was quite a ways away from me. He called for me and I ran, and I could tell that he was feeling bad. He called for me again, and told me how sorry he was, but I didn't want to hear him. I just wanted to get away.

Eventually I found a group of people who were familiar, and tried to blend in with them. They told me that someone I knew was having a baby, and I was joking that the baby should be named after me. So I was trying to come up with some silly and original spins on my name. But I think that the wedding was about to start, so I wanted to get out of there, because I didn't know the bride or the groom, and I went to wander the hallways again. Eventually the ex saw me again, and it led to this chase.

I did get away and somehow found a downtown area and was walking with some of the people I knew, I guess. I remember that I had had on high heels and I was saying that people needed to leave me alone or I'd kick their ass in high heels. I remember seeing my shadow while I walked, and it was on a building as I passed, and I remember thinking how cool I looked with high heels on.

Eventually one of the people that I was with had to go into an eye doctor place that was on the way, for some sort of exam. There were all kinds of people in there who were getting their eyes checked, and trying on contacts and putting drops in their eyes.I thought about getting an exam of my own, since I was already there, but eye exams are one of my phobias and I just couldn't bring myself to do it, even though I wanted to, and know that I should.

My ex was in there and really trying to get to me, because he wanted to talk to me and tell me how sorry he was. But I just didn't want to hear him. I wanted to leave. After a while he left me alone, but I heard him saying to his wife that one day he would talk to me and show me how sorry he was.

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  1. privatenurse06 9 months ago

    Wow, very nicely written, I followed along with the whole dream and there was no doubt I was reading about a dream with how the scenario kept migrating into new scenes. Your dream was very detailed. I can’t believe how you remember all of those details especially with how long your dream went on. Mine are always pieces of this and that here and there and usually short segments as I wake up quite often as I’m sleeping and seldom go back to where I was in the dream or even to the same dream – I really wish I could.

    Thanks for sharing that!

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