I detangled necklaces, and put together more matches of earrings and….:…

Progress! Some of them aren’t my style anymore but they are decorative and unique on the tree!

(I have already organized bracelets and thinned down the purses that I own.)

Today I have boxes 📦 to sort from moving here

The goal is to have a improved garage and home by the New Year!

Someone in a store yesterday meant well but was talking to about the —— business in town   (I wear a mask and there was six feet or more between us.)  She works there…..

Anyway, she  adores that business. Oh my!   The toxic  connection is that business owner is friends and neighbors with ……..  Yes, a former upsetting connection……  I can’t go into details on a public forums.   I witnessed white collar crime and…… A sheriff approached me  and said he knew that I knew and they were investigating…….  He said back away slowly from knowing ———- and pretend to know nothing…. —— and —— are two crimes the business / owners are guilty of….

A good way to handle someone talking about such a topic is to be suddenly late or limited on time.   I didn’t identify any knowledge on the people or subject to her and ended the conversation.

Oddly, after I realized the truth about ….. business here….. I was offered a good job based on the description  Fast forward, I took it   It was a good job title   I was good at that job was well

Then, I was approached by the same sheriff and he gave me the same advice.   He said the this business is also under investigation ironically for the same reason    He said fade out and leave employment there without making it obvious.

He said the two local businesses were both under active investigation for crimes.   They weren’t good people and both businesses liked my wholesome and honest image.  They were guilty of …..  many things.   I took his advice.

Now, I don’t work anywhere here.   I am like Sargent S on Hogans Hero’s   “I know nothing.”

I guess ——- , —-,——, and —— can just be part of a small town hidden truth.   Wise people keep their mouths shut and walk away.   I guess I am the token wholesome person for to be advised by the sheriff on the 2 jobs that I took here to leave and cut association with the owners.

I do miss working and earning money   I just don’t want to risk being on those situations again! Businesses can seem to be on the up and up but…..

I hope that everyone has a nice day!


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