I woke up realising life has been one long fight. A fight for the top spot. Arguing, biting, snarking, judging. It has all be competition. I think it is driving my dads feelings. He isn’t the type of person who wants to live like that. He wants to be nice. I want to be actually kind. Thats where we can get out chance.

I want to be able to wake up and not think about being smart. Just being considerate. He has really realised that my anger causes unreasonable things to fly out of my mouth. So does the pressure i had on myself to change the world.

Now I can be mature and simply calm and help him. Help his mood by being fun and generous with spirit. I want him to feel happy and not have stress of other human beings. He doesn’t need it. Especially from me anymore he needs to be cherished.

By thinking of the world already on his back and my place as a kind daughter not wasting my opportunities and also the biospheric perspective of myself i can release the tension and find the right things to say.

for a careful natural reality.


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