Eight months. I’ve had OCD for eight months. Let me tell you what my life was like eight months ago. I slept on top of my blankets, for fear of contamination from the bedding. Even then, I had to put t-shirts over the bed to avoid contamination. I’d say I’d average washing my hands 35-40 times a day.

I refused to take my cell phone anywhere. When I did laundry or put clothes up, I would sometimes have panic-attack like symptoms, and would have to thoroughly sanitize myself between loads. I never left the house without taking a shower, and alot of times, I wouldn’t leave the house at all. My hands were raw and bleeding from excessive washing. Nearly everything in the house was dirty, I couldn’t go out with friends. My life was marked and defined by washing and rituals I had to follow when washing. At school, church, resteraunts, wherever I worked the courage up to go, I spent most of my time there washing and O’ing.

Just eight months later, I wash my hands probably 4 times a day. I sleep normally, still use way too much soap, still wash after laundry and when I wake up. But I LIVE. My depression is still there, he’s the little jerk who won’t leave. But its NOTHING to what it was. I refused to let my OCD win. I refused to let it take my life and myself over. I go out with friends now more than ever. If you want me to leave my cell phone at home, you’ll have to pry it out of my hands. I’ve improved soo much, guys. And alot of it I owe to The Tribe. You all gave me support (still do), and have helped me so much. And if you all ever need help, I’m always more than willing. Thank God for The Tribe, Zoloft, and support. Thank you all so much.

I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’ve got my life back in just eight months. I’ve gone more than half way, and I’m ready to fight like heck to kill OCD once and for all, and you all can do the same. Just think positive, get support, and don’t give up or get disoursged.


Thank you all SO much.
You’ve given me my life back.



  1. mutantaardvark 13 years ago

    Good to hear that things are improving for you – I think I’ve reached a similar point as to you. I’m more Pure-O than OCD, but I’ve been a lot better than when I first started noticing symptoms.


    Keep fighting the good fight!




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  2. jlion 13 years ago

    congratulations! Stay focused and forgive yourself if you have a rough day once in a while:)

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  3. ariel3912 13 years ago

    Congratulations on your progress.

    I am having a really difficult time with the germs and contamination thing.

    It seems like once I am over one thing, two or three more things pop up.

    I wash my hands dozens of times a day and they are sometimes raw and bleeding. I use lotion for awhile but then I got into this habit of cleaning off the lotion tube before I used it because of the thing about germs. And some days I didn’t even bother using lotion at all. Like today.

    When I do laundry I am sometimes compelled to wash the same load several times before I feel satisfied. 
    Its all very very exhausting.

    Everyday is a struggle with this disorder.  I am glad that you have improved.  From where i”m sitting now in terms of my ‘habits’ i doubt that I will ever be able to live a functioning peaceful life without all of these difficulties.  But I try to remain positive throughout.


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