I just wanted to write a blog about something that isn't focused on enough. The idea of non-engagement! What I mean is we can all recognize our own thoughts from ocd thoughts. Our ocd thoughts or fears are always I'll rational. Whether it be pure ocd thoughts like if I don't do thing certain thing, harm will happen to someone close. Or a fear that we hit someone with our car when we drive over a bump and we have to keep checking that area to make sure we absolutely didn't run someone over.Well the point I'm trying to make is we're missing the point. We're paying attention to these thoughts. We're giving validity to them when they don't warrant it. What we have to do and trust me I know it's really damn hard sometimes but we have to say to our self this thought is just ocd, I won't give it the time of day. And stick to that. No analyzing, no checking. Just let it go. It really is that simple and our minds know it but we're allowing this illness to bully us.We have to remember “We” are in control, not the other way around. For example sometimes I fear my car isn't locked when I'm leaving it and this causes me to worry that if it's not locked someone could steal what's in it. So I could lock it over and over fifty times until our mind clicks in and accepts that it's locked, or we could think, what's the worst that can happen? So they steal my jacket I left in the car or a book or did, whatever, it can be replaced. We fear that the consequence is so horrible that we must give into the compulsion to get rid of this anxiety. But giving into a compulsion gives the fear power over us and makes it harder in the future to not repeat this cycle.This is just my thoughts. I have intrusive thoughts that now I don't even give them any attention. I know there there and want to trouble me and in the past they did, but nowadays I just block it out. I leave it in the corner of my mind and move on.

  1. chez 7 years ago

    This is exactly what I was told to do in therapy and you are so right giving in to the thoughts and doing the compulsions gives the ocd power over us and that's the power we need to get back great blog.

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  2. TheTallestOne 7 years ago

    Belane, I follow you entirely and I agree. I'm not impervious to compulsions. I still struggle but I know 100 percent that if I don't engage into the compulsions I am empowering myself and it's the best way to handle ocd.

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  3. rose_m 7 years ago

    Sometimes I am so terrified of what would happen if I don't obey. But I believe that is just feeding it. Well said 

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