Well today is off to a bad start. Mom is putting the dogs in cages. I asked why, and she said she's getting rid of them next week, due to Dad's screaming at them for getting into his food that he left on the floor. I didn't hear the screaming this time. I probably had earbuds in my ears to block out all the noisy doors that I can't stand. But I know Dad's screaming is ridiculous. Mom's so upset. I know she loves those dogs so much, and she thinks they deserve a better home. I'd urge her to talk to Dad though. She says he always has an excuse. But maybe if she really told him how much it hurts her. Around Dad, she just does anything to calm him down and avoid confrontation. I really think she needs to talk to him though. Getting rid of the dogs may give them a better home, and it may show just how hurt she is, but will it solve anything? Dad's always been a screamer. It used to scare me when I was a kid. Now I think it's really ridiculous and annoying. Once one of the dogs was chewing on a pencil, and I tried to be helpful and alert him. Then he just started screaming at me. "How did they get that?!" So I just screamed right back. "Why do you always have to yell about everything?" And he just screamed "Cause I'm mad!" Seriously. I screamed more to not put up with that and to show him how it feels. Needless to say, he didn't like being screamed at. Now maybe if Mom would just confront his behavior. I think he needs counseling. Getting rid of the dogs will hurt Mom, it will hurt me, and it will probably hurt the poor dogs. If she can't confront Dad and not allow his excuses, this won't get better. Now maybe Dad is feeling extra bad since his mother just passed, so I think Mom should just wait a bit and talk to him. I just hate to see the dogs go. I'm trying so hard not to cry. One just slept with me in my bed. He's so cute. Why can't Dad just see that his behavior affects all of us? Mom is such a nice person and never wants to hurt anyone. She deserves better behavior.

I just wish Mom would be a bit more rational and talk to him seriously. She gets sad behind his back, so I see it, but does he? But maybe she's right. The dogs do deserve better. But Mom loves them and they can help cheer her up, and I think they're good for her to have.

Well, anyway I just feel really sad. I hope she won't really get rid of them. I hope she's just feeling upset and impulsive and she'll change her mind. But Dad does need to change his behavior. I don't even like to be around him anymore. It's like the negativity just seeps out of him and darkens my mood. I think he needs help, but I doubt he'd do that.


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