You say you wanna change the world but your just changing me,

You say you want to keep me safe want me to be happy,

explain the rope around my neck why did you put it there,

I smile and wave it off as people watch and stare,

you tip the chair when you are angry I stumble and start to fall,

but when I do what you want you balance me out and save me or so it’s called,

Your words are as sharp as the knife against my skin,

You tell me you love me but then you go and sin,

you cut me down worse than i do to myself,

You got the rope around my neck as i stand and try to reach the top shelf,

You ask me to reach it but you don’t say why,

Until i start to tumble and then i choke and die,

you said you wanted to change the world,

but instead, you just changed me,

a shadow of my familiar self lurks behind the trees,

A haunting voice in the back of your mind you submit to with ease,

As I hang from the ceiling I find myself starting to cry,

Because it’s the girl on the inside that was the one to die,

I am the outer shell I cut slit and carve,

carve your words into my wrist as I continue to let myself starve,

But it’s the poor little girl on the inside that is the one to go,

If she’ll live again… Guess nobody will ever know.




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