There are times when you rethink about your experiences. And most often you think about your success and sometimes you review your failures. Many times you remind yourself that you were either not prepared or not experienced enough. We are all learning out something of our own life events and we try to think how to deal with it.
The truth is nor time, nor experience not even education will prepare you enough for what you will live throughout your time. We are never ready.
What will define you is what you do about your life encounters. You often regret how you dealt things and you want to go back.

Time is a cruel thing. It eats you alive, every second, bits by bits, without any emotion.
But Time can also be nice. It eats what you no longer need so you can feel fresh again.
So you plan ahead. You get ready. An objective that you want to achieve in your life.

Life and Time are like an ocean. Sometimes it gets stormy, sometimes it is calm. You just have to ride the tides and keep your head out of the water. Breathe in and explore what’s under the water veil. Observe the silent beauty of a world that lies beneath the unfathomable amount of mysteries that glow through your eyes.
The danger of this mesmerizing beauty will hold your breath for as long as you wish to see it. And you want to forget how to breathe to keep your eyes gazing on what you haven’t seen before. It is such a precious moment that your willpower will start to break down your body to be able to hold that moment. You bask in it.
Let go and breathe in the sunlight that washes your face from the tears the salty water gave you. And as you feel relief you want to go back in to see the jewel you found.
It is gone. And you will try to find it again.
Life and Time are in a constant battle that will kill you if you step in between them.

A dance that makes you a student of your own life…

Finding your place in this world is an exhausting feat of strength. I thought I could find my own. But the reality that holds me is bigger and stronger than any other that I witnessed. I guided many people to worlds they tried to seek or worlds they wanted to observe. It’s like a ride in the wind where you go wherever it takes you to. They can feel, they can wish, they can take. It is not an oddity that is bound by some unnatural laws. It is an entity that lives with you as a passenger.

I guess this is my world now…  A slave to my own duty.


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