I kind of need some advice…

I like Italian but it's not a required course. It takes up far more time than any of my other classes and yet I'm still behind in it. I don't understand a lot of what gets said in class even though I try to keep up. All I hear most of the time is a bunch of sounds that I have a hard time making into words.

My Dad said that if I want to withdraw to go ahead and do it, get it over with early so that it won't screw up my other classes. He was pretty easygoing over the whole thing.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, was pretty harsh. He said that I'm "only taking 15 credits" and that I "don't do anything else" (meaning I have no job) and that I need to learn to "deal with stress" and "calm down". He keeps saying, "Didn't you get an A on your first exam?" and it makes me want to literally begin screaming. Yes, yes I did get a fucking A on my fucking exam. The most basic exam. Yeah, I'm sure that getting an A on the first exam ensures an A on the final…

I feel guilty when I play WoW or watch a movie or listen to music for a while. When I wake up in the morning, I'm almost immediately irritable. I used to do my work with no problem and now I'm pissed off a lot of the time. I can barely bring myself to do it and tonight…well, tonight I'm not going to do it at all. I can't bring myself to do anything more today and I know I'll pay for it tomorrow.

I'm thinking of sleeping in and then meeting my professor in her office later to explain that I don't think this is going to work out. I haven't read anything in DAM, I haven't read anything in Media Law, and I'm behind in all my other work, too. How is learning Italian but screwing up everything else gonna help? But now because my boyfriend brought up the number of credits I have, I'm terrified to quit. 🙁

EDIT: Oh and what makes me even more afraid is the fact that I've withdrawn from a few classes before but my adviser said that there is no penalty for that. I'm just worried what it'll mean later on time-wise. 🙁


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