The end of the semester has finally arrived. I have a huge research paper on the Maya and how they used ground stone tools. Thrilling right? Too bad that's my thesis topic for my master's.  At least I find it interesting, most people look at my like I'm absolutely nuts or incredibly easily amused. Probably both. Anyway, I have 4 of 20-25 pages done and I have NO motivation to keep working on it. Add to that the stress of stupid stats and I'm at an impasse. I am so close to not passing stats that it is beyond freaking me out. If I don't do well it could jeopardize everything. I know that sounds dramatic but I'm trying to get into PhD school next year, my grades for my MA are pretty good but if I have this one bad grade it could be a deal breaker. Grad schools aren't very forgiving. I'm applying to one that I also applied for to get my MA and didn't get in. Given there were a lot of factors at play that year and pretty much no one got accepted due to the economy but it was still a huge ego killer for me. Now I have a panic attack every time I try to work on my letter of intent or even my application! Both are completely counterproductive and I'm trying to deal with them but it's hard. 

Oh stats, how I loathe thee. I have my final this week and it's so hard to study. I just want to cry every time I look at the book let alone when I try to write up study notes. This is my last semester of course work and I feel like I've royally screwed it all up. I guess we'll see in a few weeks. Lucky for me I already have my transcripts printed and ready to send so I don't have to worry about my horrible stats grade being on my application transcript, just my final. Hooray for small things?


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