While reading my inspirational material this morning, I got another way of looking at the changes I am trying to make within my life. 

Since September, I have been working out 5-6 days a week.  I am not a fanatic and I don’t beat myself up when I miss a day here and there.  Since November, I have been taking a yoga class once a week, and practicing at home when I can.  I have not been able to find the ideal time daily but I have some new ideas for this as well.  Again, when I miss a few days, I don’t beat myself up for it and credit the time I have already put into it instead.

So, why am I getting so upset every time I "fail" at what I am trying to accomplish?  After all, isn’t the desire to improve myself nothing more than another "exercise" that I am working on?  This sounds so simple, truly.  But I feel like a door has been opened, God said, "HELLO" and I am starting to see some light again. 

I am still moving my blogs over to another site and I am not sure where I am going.  Thought revelations and processes are filling my mind, sometime overwhelming, but welcome at least for the moment.

I read everyone’s blogs on here, well most of them anyway.  I respond when I can and pray for those I don’t respond to.  For lack of better words, it really sucks that we have to experience depression.  Our stories are all similar and our thought patterns mimic as well.  I wish there was an answer.   I wish I could write something that would touch your heart and give you some renewed hope.  For now, again, I wish you peace. 

Good for today – my husband loves me and I love him, the sun is shining, I am going to Poland in September touring!, all my baby tomatoes now have new loving homes, I am going to see mama tomorrow.


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