In my last blog i wrote about how i am feeling like i have almost won my personal battle with depression, but I find myself at a crossroads not knowing which path to take.  I have new friends and a new outlook on life and find that things which didnt bother me in my relationship are now really bugging me and I have no patience left for my boyfriend and i cant believe that we are having such  a tough time at the moment.  We are constantly arguing, and i just dont know how much more i can take. i know its not all his fault but as far as i am concerned he could try harder to understand things from my point of view and try and work with me to tackle these problems not just blame my depression and say its all my fault we are arguing.  It really doesnt help that hes jealous that i have new friends and want to go out and do all these great things again.  He says he isnt but everyone can tell he is by the way he acts and people have started commenting on it to me.  I am sooo embarrased when he acts like a child because of his jealousy.  we dont even act like a couple any more and i feel us growing apart.  When do i say enough is enough, when do i leave him?  I am quite frankly tired of trying to work things out and work on my problems. I have come a long way since i started working on my problems and my depression and although its selfish i think i am entitled to a break and enjoy my new found confidence, freedom and happiness!  is that really too much to ask?  I dont think it is, but then i wouldnt.  Thanks for reading my blog, i hppe you're all well, take care, xx

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  1. Veronica51 12 years ago

    Why dn't the two of you take some time to talk and if you don't come to a settlement between the two of you then take a break and see where it goes.  Not sure but it sounds like he is possesive of you and that isn't a good thing.  People need to breath and have some space, even married couples try to have space.  If it is to much, take a break from each other or make a date with each other for time with them only.  It sounds like you met new people and want to do things with them and he don't.  To make some thing work you both have to work on it together and not one side or you will both give up.  When there is a fight it takes two just like they say in love but make sure there is a good reason for this fight.  Think about things before you speak them and pray to God you are right and so be it if he gets mad.  God be with you and take care.

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