Hey, there:-) I've been feeling pretty relieved and happy these past 2 days because I have faced one of my biggest fears; one that I've mentioned in so many blogs I've posted on here. My fear to speak in class/ give presentations. If you've read any of the other blogs I've posted on here, you'd know that I have been pretty anxious about reading aloud for global regents review. My global teacher goes around the rows and asks us each to read a multiple choice question aloud along with the answer. He told my class that this is how it's gonna go down during regents review a few months ago. Ever since then, I've worried and worried AND WORRIED about this. I was afraid I was going to sound stupid, shaky, anxious, etc. But this week regents review started and I was fine! I knew what I was expecting when I walked into global monday morning and it's exactly how it went down, what he said months ago. Only, one difference; I didn't sound like a total failure! I read clearly and I lived and that's all that matters! We're gonna be doing this everyday from now on in global and it looks like every day, I'm just gonna get better and better:) Also, today I had to do an english presentation with two other girls. I wasn't too nervous, and I did fine:) To conclude, I think this fear I've been dealing with is going to fade away very soon, if it hasn't already. I just wanna say thanks to those who gave me advice, support, and reassurance:-) It's given me hope and now I now talking/ participating in class really isn't all that bad! In fact, I've begun to kind of like it….:) Now, all I'm worried about is what's on everyone's mind in high school: FINAL EXAMS! 🙂


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