So dull and mundane is this life but it cuts so familiar like a knife

The beauty of it is now you can want- you don't have to regret- for today there are only fluids to digest

The consuming fullness and fatness- it's all up to you, you can either be a glutton or you can improve

Curves, hips and fat, clothes fit tighter– looks like I broke my promise on that

Please don't give up on me- can't you see- I'm not sure if it's safe, anyother way to be

Stomach to flatten, numbers to drop, as an escape sometimes this is all I've got

If I weighed less then I could seek treatment, I suppose it'll come, I just need to be patient

What is it about this game I enjoy to play wanting more treatment, only to put others out of their way

Need to be sicker than before to stay in Philly, learn that I'm safe, get away and find out who's me

Nails are dirty and ragged- I need a manicure in order for me to appear together, perfect and free

Again, I beg you, don't give up on me- I know it's imperative for me to see- see through the denial and severity

Flashbacks of my past- skinny in my apartment, Harley's sunrise walks on the beach- embracing my emptiness as I fell asleep

Any morsel of food would shipt on my progress but I digress- push through the three days- nothing less

Food sounds tempting but it's far better to yearn for and desire versus the day's progress you'd have to retire

I feel like people doubt the severty-in my eyes they see clarity since I can't even pinpoint why the desires and actions are still with me


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