At this point its more of a confession rather than a story but that would not discourage me from telling it in a less warped method.

My real name was Dane, and i was born in birmingham england on the 16th of december 1988. I died on the 14 of september 2008 by my own hand.

If there are such things as sin, and the sanctity of life then my true sin, is that i have wasted my life and used it for nothing but dealing out pain to others, and destroying anything that comes into my proximity.

My first wave of vile behavior began when i was 14, i remember it well, I went out with a girl who i was very fond of, we had almost a year together before she left me for my best friend. When i saw them together for the first time i experienced hatred in its purest form, where at that moment i would have sold my soul to make them feel the pain i felt.

I took revenge on them in the swiftest coldest manor possible.

I destroyed their relationship, it didn’t take much, as the girl built her own gallows in the matter, i simply pulled the trap door lever once she hung the noose around her neck. But i even though i had the chance to walk away, my intervention helped severely dent those peoples lives.

And i am not going to lie, it gave me incredible satisfaction.

After that getting revenge on people who attack or betray me has always been priority one, above even my health, both mental and physical.

I tried to change my ways but i can’t. I don’t really know what i am doing here anymore, people come to this site for help and to share there experiences and to get better i believe. But i am not here for any of that…… so what i am doing here i don’t know. God at this point i don’t even know why i bothered to write this. I guess i just don’t see why i should hide who ii am anymore, since i am losing the ability to anyway.

So yes i am vile and selfish and corrupt, but thats who i am, so god forsake me for being a monster, may flights of devils claim me when i pass on, for eternity in darkness is a just reward and fitting resting place for a decaying life.

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  1. livinghellangel 14 years ago

    Hi Alucard…or Dane, but i will still call you alucard as i am used to it now. Missed you again on line. Glad you are opening up more, i know how hard it is to do. Sorry i have not been about much for you, as you know iv had some probs of my own to deal with..but will try and rectify that very soon,..still no sign of the boy i was telling you about, day 5 gone by and still nothing. I will catch you soon..take care my dearest friend. xx

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