Okay, so this is another little slice of my "home life" 

I have a 19 year old brother that believes he’s God’s gift to everyone outside his home.  Inside the house, however…..

My parents left us alone over the weekend last week.  Told Nate they wanted him to feed the animals.  One rabbit, one dog, one cat.  Not a big deal,  right???


I asked him at least fifteen times that weekend to make sure the animals were watered, and were fed.  Hey,  he was the one that was told to make sure they were fed, right?  It’s not on me.  Hell,  those three animals aren’t even mine!  The rabbit and the cat are his personal pets, while the dog belongs to my other brother.  So, anyway,  He totally lied about feeding and watering them…


When my parents got back,  and it was found out that he had lied to me about taking care of them,  yep,  you guessed it,  I got yelled at. 

He didn’t even say he was sorry for lying to me.  He didn’t even take responsibility for the fact that he was in the wrong.  he just…breezed past it all and went out to hang with his friends.  Meanwhile,  I had to take care of the animals that he had neglected.  And,  get this.  I’m 26, and I GOT GROUNDED!!!

I absolutely felt that I wasn’t that high on the food chain at that moment.  He lies, and I get blamed for it?  Something’s wrong here. 

But, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  He’s gotten everything he’s ever wanted since he was born, and all because he was my parents reversal baby,  the only child they honestly "wanted" to have. 

Oh, and did I mention the fact that he’s physically abusive?  Yeah.  He likes to hit me.  When he doesn’t agree with something that I say, he slaps me. 

And, I’m so used to taking shit, that I just take it and walk away.  I’m not violent by any means,  but I’m getting fed up with the way I’m treated.  I’m about to go have words with someone,  someone that truly cares…oh, wait, that’s no one.  Never mind, Words catastrophe averted. 

My mom is all over me to get married, because she wants grandkids.  I keep telling her that it’s never going to happen, because there is nothing out there that is true love.  That’s a fairytale, and as I’m 26, I don’t believe in those anymore. 

I know I sound a little jaded about life, but if you lived in my house,  you would too. 


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