I grew up in a dysfunctional family. When I was 10 my parents pulled me and my sister away from my Dad's parents because they were cruel vindictive people and we had already seen too much. By then the damage they wanted to avoid had already been done. I had been verbally abused by my grandfather and was easily disposed by my grandmother. Excuse my grammar right now I am writing as my brain leaks. I dealt with depression and low self esteem because of the things they had done. When my great grandmother died ( my grandmother's mother and someone I was close with) I fell apart because we almost didn't have a funeral because of her. Because she refused to sign off on funeral arrangement to spite her sister who had taken sole responsibility of their mother when she got it'll. My grandmother hated her for no reason and my aunt was slipping into a drunken stupor. After she passed, instead of grieving we went into war with my family members trying to blame us when none of them cared to visit her when she was dying. Quite recently, the only cousin I speak to on my dad's side someone I grew to trust when she finally got a glimpse of what we endured and why we walked away. It was until recently when she told my sister she doesn't understand why we act like everyone is trying to attack us. It later turned when my sister tried to apologize over the phone for getting upset. She told us that out feeling towards our estranged grandparents is simply based on my parents influence. That's we were too young to understand the situation and in no way did we witness anything. I was 10 and my sister was 14 when the first blew up and we had a strong understanding of what was going on. She later went on to attack my aunt (my grandmother's sister) who has been so loving and caring to us the way a grandmother should have been. She disregarded that she endured the same cruelty all her life. There was more said. More that confirmed we can never trust her with our secrets, we can never trust her because in her eyes nothing ever happened. That we just make most of it up to play the victim, but no that was my life and I just really had to get that off my chest.

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    (((Hugs))) to you!

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