my husband and I have been together for 12 years and in 12 years we have been through so much. We have had some downs for sure but also some ups. But here lately its just been hard…life has been hard and it’s taking it’s toll on us. We both snap at each other and kinda turn away but I know deep down we both love each other. He’s been recently diagnosed with bipolar…extreme anxiety..adhd..depression and when hes stressed out he has schizophrenic meltdowns..also he had a addiction problem. He has mood swings he don’t even realize and when bringing stuff up he seems to always think the blames being but on him when most of it is not but some is. We have been arguing so much lately and I feel all he wants to do is leave but not because he wants to but because he can’t deal with it. No matter how mad I am at him I want NOTHING but good for him. When he worries and stressed he hides it in and silent. I also am silent but I am also making out backup plans for every situation in my head because I need to be ahead of the game in my head. Anxiety is tough


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