Two days ago my computer decides to just fuck itself up, FIRST my D drive just randomly stops working, that had happened before so I sort of knew how to fix it, so I went on my way fixing it, then there was something I was unsure of so I go to go online and guess what… IT DONT WORK!!! why???? who the fuck know… call up optus, after playing around with everything for 45 minutes on the phone with some indian chick who had really bad english…. conclusion…. My computer lost its bloody IP address and I need to get some one in to fix it… so I call up grandma to see if she can take it to the people I bought it from, today she took it in for me and the computer tech dude says there is nothing wrong!!!! WTF something is CLEARLY wrong!!! he even apparently had my D drive working along with the internet…. so grandma takes it back to her place to play around with it and it was still broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the dvd drive wouldn't read and the internet didnt work… I Dont even think he did anything with my computer, probably just looked at it and said "fuck it!!!!" So now grandma has my computer and is telling me that she thinks some one has hacked into my account of some sort and changed my ISP username and password…. but I dont know if I believe that, because when I spoke to optus I had to give them my ISP username and password and they didnt say anything was wrong with it and grandma is so dead set that every one is always trying to get into a computer, to the point where when I go on the net with her computer EVERYTHING IS BLOCKED and the only real thing she uses the net for is emails… like she bought me over one of her computer box things, so I could atleast use the net and there is an incoming email every half an hour…. some butler lookin dude walks onto the screen and says "you have mail madam" its fuckin annoying and I dont know how to turn it off!!! I am just really in a good mood, because Mmy compter is fucked and every one has there own solution but it still aint working… grrrrrrrrrr I feel very short tempered, and I am pissed off cause its probably going to cost money…………..


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