idk how to feel anymore i came out when i was in high school that i am bisexual and told my mom she was ok with it cause i am her daughter but sometimes i think when i tell other people they will start changing idk maby they dont feel ok that i am or they just dont like lgbt but then i think sometimes i dont care what they think and then sometimes i just feel alone idk why maby it also cause my ex fiance kept making up lies about how she really love me or that he parents wont let her be with a girl i just dont know anymore how to feel or think all i no is i am proud no matter what and maby someday i will meet the true one.

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  1. dalenatl 10 months ago

    Nikki, I have been where you are now. I know how confusing it can all be, especially when you DO care what people think. I think the first thing you have to understand is that you don’t have to put yourself out there for people to have an opinion right now. Pull back a little and give yourself a little time to formulate your thoughts and to look around you to see what is going on around in your community and the world. One thing that helped me was that I stared traveling to other places and eventually to other parts of the world. Traveling gave me the chance to see how other people and cultures dealt with similar problems. Instead of always giving my situation, I listened to what was going on with them. From that I was able to discern when I wanted someones opinions. They had to be responsible people that could give respect and be open minded.

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