I’m nonbinary, but none of my friends know. And the ones that do? They don’t care. They still use my original pronouns. So, this is a song from one of my favorite musicals, Heathers. It’s called “Lifeboat” and after listening to it, I think it tells my story. After all, if you abandon who you are, are you anyone at all?

I, float in a boat in a raging black ocean. 

Low in the water. With nowhere to go…..the tiniest lifeboat.

With people I know. 

Cold, clammy, and crowded. The people smell desperate, we’ll sink any minute.

So someone must go.

The tiniest lifeboat.

With the people I know.

Everyone’s pushing,

Everyone’s fighting,

Storms are approaching,

There’s nowhere to hide!

If I say the wrong thing,

Or I wear the wrong outfit,

They’ll throw me right over the side…..

I’m, hugging my knees and the captain is pointing-

Well, who made her captain?

Still, the weakest must go.

The tiniest lifeboat.

Full of people I know.

The tiniest lifeboat.

Full of people I know……


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