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Genderfluid? Check. Depression? Check. Social and regular anxiety? Check. Conservative family? Triple check! So, the big question: How the hell have I not collapsed?

Answer: not a damn clue.

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Being a genderfluid kid with major dysphoria and no major source of income, I have some troubles with the right attitude and clothes to wear so I don’t go the entire day without crying. But I’ve developed some techniques to help feel okay in my own skin.

1. The right clothes are key.

Whether they’re hand-me-downs or new, I’ve learned that the right wardrobe is essential. If I feel guy-ish and I walk out of the house in bright pink, I’m bound to feel like a fraud for the rest of the day or until I can change. So, having a diverse wardrobe is always a good thing in both colors and style.

2. Have a backup hat/outfits in case of sudden gender fluctuation.

I’ve done this multiple times during the day. If I feel like a guy and have my hair long in public and then fluctuate to the opposite side of the spectrum, I shove it all up in a hat and change the way that I walk. It sometimes helps, but changes from person to person, situation to situation.

A good change of shirts and/or pants can also help with sudden fluctuation. If I have a studded button down on (on a girl day), then I need to have a shirt under it or in a backpack to change into if I fluctuate out of being a girl.

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3. Lipgloss and makeup kits can be useful.

If I’m non-binary one minute and a girl the next, with no way to change my clothes, I carry around lipgloss to help tamper down some of that added anxiety.

4. Be ready for the possible anxiety/panic attack that can follow.

In my experience with flip-flopping in the middle of the day, I’m more prone to anxiety/panic attacks after I do. The first thing you should do is go to the bathroom and do whatever you need to do to feel more comfortable, and then wait for a bit to make sure that you won’t go back to whatever you were doing and suddenly collapse from the anxiety.

5. Own it!

If you do have to change your appearance in the middle of the day, it’s better not to lie about why you did. Just say that you didn’t want to wear what you were wearing and own your sudden wardrobe change! Rock your new look and don’t let anyone give you shit for it.

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Well, now you know some neat tricks to help with your indecisive self! Make sure to to give kudos, leave a comment, take care of yourself and the people you love, and I’ll write when I’m inspired. (Also, check out my other blogs!😁)

Thanks for reading!

Kudos to my gf for the amazing watercolor pic!


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