"How beautiful is the bright, clear sky above us? What glorious sight it is? The sun, when it appears, proclaims as it rises how marvelous a thing it is, made by the Most High. Look at the rainbow & praise its Creator." Sirach 43:1-2, 11

You, Nature & God


Do you live in harmony with Nature?

Do you know  how  the moon looked like last night ?
When was the last time when you  admired  the sunrise &  sunset ?

How much time do you spend in front of the computer &/or TV?

How much time do you spend outside contemplating nature?

Do you usually walk as much as only possible?

Do you ever pay attention to the beauty of  the Universe ?

Do you marvel at works of the Most High?

Do you see the splendor of the Lord’s Majesty?

The closer you are to nature,

the closer  you are to your Creator.

Remember : life began in the garden !
Let’s come back to nature !
Let’s come back to God !

 Anna  Zielski, S.F.O.,   1/31/08


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