I had the freakiest dream last night and I need to talk about it or it\'s going to make me nuts. So in the dream, I woke up at 6, like I was supposed to, got ready for work, looked at the clock and suddenly noticed it was 11. I couldn\'t believe it so I checked other clocks, and the time changed to 8, then 5 then 12 noon…… I couldn\'t find a consistent clock anywhere and it was so stormy that there was no way to tell if it was daytime or night still. I started freaking out, I called my hospital manager to tell her that I didn\'t know if I was late or not, but if I was, I was sorry, time just kept changing on me. The dream went on forever, time kept changing so I\'d be at work, at my old job, at home or out with my friends, and I couldn\'t stop the time from going wonky. I noticed at one point a repeat of seeing this one woman, and I told my brother about her and the weird time and he said "Don\'t talk about her, I have seen her too, and so has Dad, Nathaniel saw her just before he died" I asked if she killed him and he said "No, she\'s a vampire who takes away time"… I didn\'t understand (still don\'t) and I really just went insane in the dream, like I needed to be committed. 

This morning, I\'m obsessed with watching the clock and feeling like I just escaped the looney bin. Thankfully, time has acted so far as it should and I only have a short day at work today.

I know everyone has dreams sometimes that disrupt their minds, even people without anxiety, but I have to say, it\'s not fun.

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  1. catrek27 12 years ago

    I was thinking that too… A good twisted movie….. Maybe I should sell the idea:)

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